Faculty Publications



Submissions from 2004


Perceived Risk in College Selection: Differences in Evaluative Criteria Used by Students and Parents, Jacquelyn Warwick and Phylis M. Mansfield

Submissions from 2003

Online Electronic Transaction Techniques and Christian Steward’s Guide to Investment Strategies, Jerry Chi

The Structural Equation Modeling for the Interrelationships Among Quantitative/Statistics Test Anxiety, Math Anxiety, Computer Anxiety and Other Conditions, Jerry Chi

The Structural Equation Model of Management Information System, Jerry Chi

The Triangular Relationships Among Macroeconomics, Politics and Investment Decisions, Jerry Chi


Effects of Trust in Superiors and Influence of Superiors on the Association Between Individual-job Congruence and Job Performance/Satisfaction, José R. Goris, Bobby C. Vaught, and John D. Pettit Jr.


The Effect of State Income Tax Apportionment and Tax Incentives on New Capital Expenditures, Sanjay Gupta and Mary Ann Hofmann

‘Egz-Actor’ Because It Acts Like An Egg But It Isn’t! A Product Born of Necessity, Jacquelyn Warwick

Gender Differences In Parents’ Evaluative Criteria When Selecting a College, Jacquelyn Warwick and Phylis Mansfield

Differences in the Evaluative Criteria Used by Parents and Students When Selecting a College, Jacquelyn Warwick and Phylis Mansflied

Submissions from 2002

MBA Pastor: Church Management Concept, Jerry Chi


Like Fine Veggie-Wine: Dating and Marriage After 50, Annetta Gibson

Submissions from 2001

A Case Study: The Research and Development for Southwestern Adventist University Self-Programmed Distance Learning Computer Platform (Southwestern e-Learning System) Assessment on its Prospects, Jerry Chi

Distance Learning Methodologies and Southwestern e-Learning System, Jerry Chi

Distance Learning Workshop, Jerry Chi

Globalization: Empathy, Altruism, Agape, Jerry Chi

Selfish? Greedy? Aggressive? Ethics in Price Bargaining, Jerry Chi

The technological innovation for SDA distance education: Southwestern e-Learning System, Jerry Chi

American Red Cross II, Jacquelyn Warwick

American Red Cross I, Jacquelyn Warwick and John Dickson

Submissions from 2000

A Thankful Steward, Jerry Chi


Effects of Communication Direction on Job Performance and Satisfaction: A Moderated Regression Analysis, José R. Goris, Bobby C. Vaught, and John D. Pettit


A Review of Empirical Studies Assessing Ethical Decision Making in Business, Terry W. Loe, Linda K. Ferrell, and Phylis Mansfield


Predicting Turnover and Retention in Nursing Home Administrators: Management and Policy Implications, Douglas A. Singh and Robert C. Schwab


Credit Card Consumers: College Student Knowledge and Attitude, Jacquelyn Warwick and Phylis Mansfield

The Impact of Post-Complaint Satisfaction with the Salesperson, Retailer, and Manufacturer on Relationship Commitment, Jacquelyn Warwick and Phylis Mansfield

Pacific Northest Forest Products Industry: Accountability for the Environment, Jacquelyn Warwick and Marry Reynolds

Submissions from 1999

Sustainable Environmental Business Strategy, Jacquelyn Warwick

McDonaldization Revisited: Critical Essays on Consumer Culture, Jacquelyn Warwick, M. Alfino, J. Capito, and R. Wynyard

Submissions from 1998

Opposed to Political Interference to Economic Growth in Movie Industry, Jerry Chi

Self-Autonomy, Hong Kong, the East Pearl, Lost Her Brightness, Jerry Chi

Should Taiwanese Government Prohibit Licensure of Prostitution, Jerry Chi


Exploring Managerial Success Factors of Chinese Managers: A Comparison Between Mainland and Hong Kong Chinese Males, Randy K. Chiu and Allen F. Stembridge


Confucian Values and Conflict Behavior of Asian Managers: A Comparison of Two Countries, Randy K. Chiu, May M. Wong, and Frederick A. Kosinski


Retention of Administrators in Nursing Homes: What Can Management Do?, Douglas A. Singh and Robert C. Schwab

Submissions from 1997

Can the Love Affair Be Understood and Rationalized Beyond Legal and Moral Restrictions?, Jerry Chi

Diligence and Intelligence for Upgrading Taiwan, Jerry Chi

Does China Have Rights to be Mad at Taiwan’s Declaration and Acknowledgement of Two-State-Relation Announcement from President Lee?, Jerry Chi

Normal Phenomenon of Marketing Mechanism Between Academic and Private Sectors, Jerry Chi

The substantiation of Legal System and Continuation Law in Taiwan, Jerry Chi


Truth or Consequences: A Study of Critical Issues and Decision Making in Accounting, Annetta M. Gibson and Albert H. Frakes


How Well Trained are Nursing Home Administrators?, Douglas A. Singh, Leiyu Shi, Michael E. Samuels, and Roger L. Amidon

A Living Case Study for the Introductory Marketing Course, Jacquelyn Warwick

Emerging Environmental Accountability, Jacquelyn Warwick

Is An Owner's Social Responsibility or Self-Interest Behind a Small Business' Involvement in Societal Causes?, Jacquelyn Warwick

Submissions from 1996

Predictors of Quality of Care in Nursing Facilities., Douglas A. Singh, Roger L. Amidon, Leiyu Shi, and Michael E. Samuels

A Comparison of Academic Curricula in the MPH and MHA-Type Degrees in Health Administration at the Accredited Schools of Public Health., Douglas A. Singh, Carleen H.. Stoskopf, and James R. Ciesla

Submissions from 1995

Activity-Based Cost Accounting, Jerry Chi

Communicating Environmental Accountability Through Corporate Reporting, Jacquelyn Warwick

The Influence of Elaborative Encoding on Ad Recall: What Role Does Ad Congruity Play?, Jacquelyn Warwick and Sheila Jones

Evolving Policy and Communication for the Environment, Jacquelyn Warwick and Mary Reynolds

Submissions from 1994

Advertisement Encoding: The Influence of Interactive Picture, Name, and Copy on Ad Recognition, Jacquelyn Warwick and Sheila Jones

Submissions from 1993

Advertising and Community Responsibility: The Decision Process of Small Business, Jacquelyn Warwick