Submissions from 2001

The cognition of creativity, Jay Brand


Al Gini’s My Job: My Self, Duane Covrig


Get Rid of Incompetent Teachers, Any Way You Can!, Duane Covrig

My job, my self: Work and the creation of the modern individual, Duane Covrig

Stability and change in the religious organizational identity of Loma Linda University, Duane Covrig

Tony Becher’s Professional practice: Commitment & capability in a changing environment, Duane Covrig

Submissions from 2000

Cognitive resonance: Mind/task/environment harmony, Jay Brand

Hemodynamic, performance and subjective preference comparisons of three commercially available office chairs (Abstract), Jay Brand, J Hohne, Y Ku, H Lee, B Luna, and L Montgomery


Professional relations: Multiple communities for reform and renewal, Duane Covrig


The organizational context of moral dilemmas: The role of moral administration in making and breaking dilemmas, Duane Covrig

Submissions from 1999

Empowering leadership pts.1-3, Erich Baumgartner

Megachurches and what they teach us, Erich Baumgartner

Passport to mission, Erich Baumgartner

Fundamentalism, Jay Brand

Rewarding knowledge worker productivity: Beyond the corner office, Jay Brand

Strategic blueprint: Balancing cost effectiveness with support for corporate change and flexibility, Jay Brand

Strategic facilities planning: Balancing cost-effectiveness with corporate change, Jay Brand

Strategic facilities planning: Balancing cost-effectiveness with support for corporate change, Jay Brand

Strategic space planning: The vital FM role in supporting corporate change & growth., Jay Brand

Submissions from 1998

Re-visioning Adventist mission in Europe, Erich Baumgartner


Syncretism, Erich Baumgartner

Cognitive resonance, Jay Brand

Driver out of the loop?, Jay Brand

Theoretical psychology, yes; methodological egalitarianism, no!, Jay Brand

When minds, tasks and environments don’t match, Jay Brand

Aggressive rehabilitation for spinal surgery patients (Abstract), Jay Brand and N Kishino

Does display configuration affect information sampling performance?, Jay Brand and H Orenstein

"Extreme density:" Maximize or minimize?, Jay Brand and T Syfert

Reaction time and psychophysiological concomitants of chronic pain patients in a lexical decision task with pain-related and neutral words (Abstract), A Clegg, P Haerich, and Jay Brand


of William Sullivan’s Work and integrity: The crisis and promise of professionalism in America, Duane Covrig


of William Sullivan’s Work and integrity: The crisis and promise of professionalism in America, Duane Covrig

Work and integrity: The crisis and promise of professionalism in Ameriea, Duane Covrig


Alcohol and Private Higher Education: A Literature Review, Robson Moura Marinho and Ray Ostrander

articles from 1997


Classic Texts in Mission and World Christianity [review] / edited, with introductions by Norman E. Thomas., Erich W. Baumgartner

Challenges for a Christian psychology from cognitive science, Jay Brand

File drawer problem, Jay Brand

Letters, Jay Brand, D Davamony, N Kishino, and E Dennis

Fundamentalists, social capital, and children’s welfare: A place for religion in public education?, Duane Covrig

Submissions from 1996

Can we decide between logical positivism and social construction views of reality?, Jay Brand

Ethics in educational leadership programs: An expanding role, Duane Covrig


Moral leadership: Getting to the heart of school improvement, Duane Covrig

Sport, fairplay, and children’s concepts of fairness, Duane Covrig

Empowering chronic spinal disorder patients through functional restoration., N Kishino, Jay Brand, and D Davamony

Submissions from 1995

Does contemporary cognitive psychology favor or oppose psychoanalytic theory?, Jay Brand

Submissions from 1994


Young adults as agents of change, Erich Baumgartner

Submissions from 1990

Towards a model of pastoral leadership for church growth in German speaking Europe, Erich Baumgartner

Submissions from 1987


Term paper on Church growth and church structure: 1901 reorganization in the light of the expanding missionary enterprise of the SDA church, Erich Baumgartner

Submissions from 1977


Term paper on Historical reflections on Seventh-day Adventist foreign missions, Erich Baumgartner

Submissions from 1975

Les lois du Dimanche : origine, établissement et motivation avec une accentuation sur les pays Francophones, Erich Baumgartner