Volume 56, Number 2 (2018)


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Dissertation Abstracts

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Editorial Board

Martin F. Hanna
John W. Reeve
Editorial Assistant
Matthew L. Tinkham Jr.
Copy Editor
Bonnie Beres
Copy Editor
Madeline Johnston
Copy Editor
Rebecca Murdock
Copy Editor
Jennifer Payne
Book Review Manager
Dominic Bornand
Circulation Manager
Lincoln Nogueira
Public Relations & Marketing Manager
Natalie Dorland
Office Assistant
Danielle M. Barnard
Managing Board
Jiří Moskala, Dean of the Seminary, chair; John W. Reeve, secretary; Alayne Thorpe, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies; Ron Knott, Director of Andrews University Press; P. Richard Choi; Richard M. Davidson; Paul Gregor; Martin F. Hanna; and Thomas R. Shepherd