Andrews University Seminary Studies plans to publish a special issue of our journal on Truth and Information Warfare. The importance of this subject may be briefly introduced. First, the Bible records Pilate’s question to Jesus, two thousand years ago, concerning “What is truth?”. Second, currently, there is growing discussion of the data, information, knowledge, and wisdom pyramid—highlighting the need to balance the gathering of information with transformation (personal, social, political, theological, etc.). Third, the issues of truth and transformation are complicated by the reality of information warfare—defined as the intentional deceptive manipulation of information.

In response to these issues, we invite you to submit articles from various disciplinary perspectives, such as Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, Christian Ethics, Christian Ministry, and Missiology. Articles written by scholars from non-theological disciplines will also be considered for publication if they are suitable for the AUSS venue. You are invited to share studies in connection with, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Perspectives on the relations of truth, information, and power within biblical, theological, and non-theological academic disciplines;
  • The history of attitudes toward and responses to truth and information warfare in different religions and different regions of the world;
  • Truth and information warfare as illuminated by different biblical genres such as: history, narrative, prophetic, wisdom, psalms, legal, apocalyptic, gospels, parables, epistles;
  • Sources for understanding truth and information warfare, such as: Scripture, tradition, experience, reason, science, theology, history, etc;
  • Studies on truth and information warfare in relation to the biblical and theological theme of the cosmic conflict between good and evil, light and darkness, Christ and Satan;
  • Studies on truth and information warfare in relation to the concept of God’s two books—Scripture and nature—and in relation to theological method and scientific method
  • Religious and theologically relevant studies on the relations of the elements of the pyramid of data, information, knowledge and wisdom.

Interested scholars may submit queries or abstracts to auss@andrews.edu for editorial feedback before writing a full article. Completed articles are to be submitted to www.andrews.edu/auss via the "Submit Manuscript" link in the sidebar. Please indicate in your cover letter that your article is in response to the "Call for Articles on Truth and Information warfare." Articles must be received by April 29, 2022.

We also invite you to submit articles on any topic you choose, including topics relevant to our previous calls for papers on: "Wealth and Poverty," "Theology and the Foreigner," "Ecclesiology: The Doctrine of the Church," "Biblical and Theological Hermeneutics," and "Interdisciplinary Studies."