Submissions from 2019


Research Advocacy: Afro-Caribbean Immigrant Women Living with HIV, Krista Cooper

Submissions from 2018

Religiosity's Relationship with Binge Drinking and Weekly Alcohol Use among Students Attending an Alcohol-abstinent Christian University, Alina Baltazar


Systematic Review of the Physical Home Environment and the Relationship to Psychological Well-being Among Community-dwelling Older Adults, Shannon Trecartin and Sherry Cummings

Seventh-day Adventist Opinions on Same-sex Attraction and Same-sex Unions, Curtis VanderWaal, John Gavin, and Wiliam W. Ellis

Marijuana Liberalization Policies: The Importance of Evaluating the Impact of State Laws in the U.S., Curtis VanderWaal, Rosalie Pacula, Jamie Chriqui, Yvonne M. Terry-McElrath, and Frank J. Chaloupka

Submissions from 2017

2016 Healthy Eating and Activity Report: Benton Harbor-St. Joseph YMCA Findings, Curtis VanderWaal

Ages & Stages Evaluation Report: January – June 2017, Curtis VanderWaal

Get READY Evaluation Report, Curtis VanderWaal and Lauren Lauren

2017 Healthy Eating and Activity Report, Curtis VanderWaal and Michael J. VanderWaal

Submissions from 2016


Sex, Drugs and Alcohol: What Adventist College Students Say about the Role of Parents and Religion, Alina Baltazar, Duane C. McBride, Curtis J. VanderWaal, and Kathryn Conopio

Mental Health and Ageing: The United States, Sherry Cummings and Shannon Trecartin

Public Policy and Illicit Drugs, Duane McBride, Yvonne M. Terry-McElrath, and Curtis VanderWaal

Ages & stages evaluation report: January - December 2015, Curtis VanderWaal

Get READY Evaluation Report, Curtis VanderWaal

Worksite Wellness Evaluation Report, Curtis VanderWaal


Niles Riverfront Trail Use Evaluation Report, Curtis VanderWaal, Nitasha Isaac, Rebecca Wright, and Lauren Lane


Girls on the Run 2016 evaluation report, Curtis VanderWaal and Laura Lane

Submissions from 2015

Social Work Practice in Community Mental Health Centers, Sherry M. Cummings, Kimberly M. Cassie, and Shannon Trecartin

The Revised 28-Item Racial and Ethnic Microaggressions Scale (R28REMS): Examining the Factorial Structure for Black, Latino/Hispanic, and Asian Young Adults, Shandra Forrest-Bank, Jeffrey M. Jenson, and Shannon Trecartin


Extracurricular Screen Time among Idaho Youth: Prevalence and Association with Psychological Distress, Peter C. Gleason, Gary Hopkins, Megan Eagan, Curtis VanderWaal, Jonathan Duffy, and Duane McBride


The Impact of a History of Childhood Abuse on Life as a College Student, David Sedlacek, Stanley Stevenson, Carrie Kray, Timothy Henson, Chelsea Burrows, and Mary Nell Rosenboom


Disability and the Church: Removing Barriers to the Kingdom of God, Shannon Trecartin and Terry P. Trescartin

Impact of Parents and Teachers on School Bullying among Elementary and Middle School Girls, Curtis VanderWaal, Gary Hopkins, Lianne Wynne, Alina Baltazar, and Duane McBride


Pastors as Gatekeepers: Congregational Encounters with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues, Curtis VanderWaal, Andrea Opei, and Edwin I. Hernandez


Alcohol and Drug Addiction: Healing the Hurting Church, Curtis VanderWaal, David Sedlacek, and H L. Diaz

Submissions from 2014

Best of What We Know About the Prevention of Addictions Application and Prevention in Your Area of the World, A. Baltazar, Curtis VanderWaal, Duane McBride, and Hopkins


Correlates of Depression and Anxiety Among Older Public Housing Residents, Sheery Cummings, Shannon Trecartin, and Lyle Cooper


Faith Perspectives on Building Strong Volunteer Programs, John Gavin, Curtis J. VanderWaal Dr., and W. Ellis


Frequent Family Dinners Protect Our Children, Duane C. McBride, Alina M. Baltazar, Gary Hopkins, and Kathryn Conopio


"God Just Brought Me Through It": Spiritual Coping Strategies for Resilience Among Intimate Partner Violence Survivors, Shannon Trecartin, Rene Drumm, Marciana Popescu, Laurie Cooper, Marge Seifert, Tricia Foster, and Carole Kilcher

Role of clergy, churches and communities in collaborative recovery and relapse prevention, Curtis VanderWaal

Sex, substance use, and religious behaviors on a conservative Christian campus, M. VanderWaal, Duane McBride, H. Helm, and Curtis VanderWaal

Bullying behaviors and correlates among elementary and middle school girls in Berrien County, Michigan, E Wynne and Curtis VanderWaal

Submissions from 2013

Protecting youth from health risk behaviors, Alina Baltazar, K. Conopio, J. Moreno, and G. Hopkins

Adventist college student perceptions of health risk behaviors, A. Baltazar, Curtis VanderWaal, and K. Conopio

Right in our own backyard: The role of volunteering on church attendance and retention among Seventh-day Adventist faculty and staff, J. Gavin, W. Ellis, and Curtis VanderWaal


The abuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs., Gary Hopkins, Alina Baltazar, and Duane C. McBride

Family dinners and substance use and sexual activity in a prohibitionist university population, Duane McBride, Gary Hopkins, Alina Baltazar, Curtis VanderWaal, and Kathryn Cinipio


Factors Influencing the Use of Complementary Alternative Methods (CAM) in Patients Attending an Adult Sickle Cell Clinic in Jackson, Mississippi., Wendy E. Thompson Dr and Clifton C. Addison


Smurfing in Small Toxic Meth Labs: Impact of State Methamphetamine Precursor Policies, Curtis VanderWaal

The Relationships between Volunteering and Religious Behaviors among Seventh-day Adventist Faculty & Staff: Preliminary Findings, Curtis VanderWaal, J. Gavin, A. Mayer, and W. Ellis


Yielding to temptation: How should we deal with students who try alcohol or drugs?, Curtis J. VanderWaal Dr., M. D. Howell, D. Davis, and A. R. Opel


Balancing Justice and Mercy: Redemptive Ways of Dealing With Adolescent Substance Abuse, Curtis J. VanderWall, Alissa R. Mayer, Krista Cooper, and Laura Racovita-Szilagyi

Submissions from 2012


Parental Influence on Inhalant Use, Alina Baltazar, Gary Hopkins, Duane C. McBride, Curtis J. VanderWaal Dr., Sara Pepper, and Sarah Mackey

Risk and Protective Factors in Students Use of Alcohol and Engaging in Sexual Activity., Alina Baltazar, Gary Hopkins, Curt VanderWaal, and Duane McBride

“My Body is God’s Temple”: Self-Identified Reasons for Not Engaging in Risk Behaviors Among Adventist Young Adults, A. Baltazar, Curtis VanderWaal, Duane McBride, and Gary Hopkins

Checking the Political Pulse of the University: Findings from the 2012 SDA Religion and Social Issues Survey, J Gavin, W Ellis, and Curtis VanderWaal

Parental & Religiosity Influences on Alcohol Use & Sexual Behaviors Among Christian College Students., Duane McBride and Alina Baltazar

Family Dinners and Victimization, Duane McBride, Alina Baltazar, R. Chelbegean, Gary Hopkins, and Jerome Thayer


The gatekeepers: Clergy involvement in referrals and collaboration with mental health and substance abuse professionals, Curtis J. VanderWaal Dr., E. I. Hernandez, and A. R. Sandman

Submissions from 2011


State Methamphetamine Precursor Policies and Changes in Small Toxic Lab Methamphetamine Production, Duane C. McBride, Yvonne Terry-McElrath, Jamie Chriqui, Jean O'Connor, Curtis VanderWaal, and Karen Mattson

The Role of African American Clergy in Reducing Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disparities and Increasing Treatment Linkages for Congregants, Curtis VanderWaal, E. Hernandez, P. Ippel, A. Sandman, and D. Sedlacek

Church Chat: The Role of Pastors in Providing Church Members with Education, Support and Referrals to Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Services, Curtis VanderWaal, P. Ippel, B. Guydon, C. Reynolds, and A. Sandman

Submissions from 2010


Internet Pornography Use in the Context of External and Internal Religiosity, Alina Baltazar, Herb Helm, Duane McBride, Gary Hopkins, and John Stevens

Project Get Connected: An African American Church-Community Collaboration to Improve Mental Health Education, Support and Referrals, Ann-Marie Jones and Curtis VanderWaal

Community Collaboration, the Development of State Methamphetamine Precursor Chemical Laws, and Changes in State Small Toxic Lab Production. International Society for the Study of Drug Policy, Duane McBride, Curtis VanderWaal, Y. Terry-McElrath, J. Chriqui, and J. O’Connor

The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative: Executive Summary, Curtis VanderWaal and R Eardley

Clergy involvement in congregants’ substance abuse problems and treatment referrals, Curtis VanderWaal, Edwin Hernandez, David Sedlacek, and Alix Sandman

The Role of Gatekeeping in Maintaining Program Integrity, Curtis VanderWaal, Ann-Marie Jones, and David Sedlacek

The MSW Portfolio: Integrating Competencies and Practice Behaviors, Jan Wrenn and Curtis VanderWaal

Submissions from 2009

The Relationship Between State Methamphetamine Precursor Laws and Trends in Small Toxic Lab Seizures, Duane McBride, Yvonne Terry-McElrath, Jamie Chriqui, J. O’Connor, and Curtis VanderWaal

Social services in Seventh-day Adventist congregations: Integrating the Unruh and Sider framework, D. Royo, T. Elliott, K. Nelson, and Curtis VanderWaal


Prosecutor Reported Marijuana Case Dispositions and Community Youth Marijuana-Related Attitudes and Behaviors., Yvonne Terry-McElrath, Duane McBride, Jamie Chriqui, Patrick O’Malley, and Curtis VanderWaal

Why can't we all get along? Interdisciplinary research teams in mixed-methods studies, Curtis VanderWaal

Assessment of MSW Learning: Refinements in the Use of Portfolios, J Wrenn and Curtis VanderWaal

Submissions from 2008

Controlling Methamphetamine Precursors: From Policy to Practice – An Overview, Final Report to the National Institute of Justice, Duane McBride, Jamie Chriqui, Curtis VanderWaal, and J. O’Connor

Controlling Methamphetamine Precursors: From Policy to Practice – An Overview, Duane McBride, J. Chriqui, J. O'Connor, Curtis VanderWaal, Y. Terry-McElrath, and K. Mattson


United States Public Health Agency Involvement in Illicit Drug Policy, Planning and Prevention, 1999-2003, Duane McBride, Yvonne Terry-McElrath, Curtis VanderWaal, Jamie Chriqui, and Jna Myllyluoma


Public Health Agency Involvement in Youth-Focused Illicit Drug Policy, Planning, and Prevention at the Local Level, 1999-2003, Duane McBride, Yvonne Terry-McElrath, Curtis VanderWaal, Jamie VanderWaal, and Jana Myllyluoma

Parallel and intersecting approaches for mentoring students and faculty, Duane McBride, Curtis VanderWaal, H. Helm, L. Matthews, J. Wrenn, and D. Proctor

Evidence for Connections between Prosecutor-Reported Marijuana Case Dispositions and Community Youth Marijuana-Related Attitudes and Behaviors, Yvonne Terry-McElrath, Duane McBride, Jamie Chriqui, P. O'Malley, Curtis VanderWaal, F. Chaloupka, and L. Johnston

The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative: Evaluation of a Youth Ministry Training Program, Curtis VanderWaal, E. Hernandez, S. Trecartin, M. Diaconu, and N. Carlson


Controlling Methamphetamine Precursors: The View from the Trenches, Curtis J. VanderWaal Dr., Rachel M. Bishop, Duane C. McBride, Kimberly Rosales, Jamie F. Chriqui, Jean C. O'Connor, and Yvonne M. Terry-McElrath

Teaching Critical Thinking to Combat Political Spin and Sloppy Research, Curtis VanderWaal and D. Royo


Reforming Drug Treatment Services to Offenders: Cross-System Collaboration, Integrated Policies, and A Seamless Continuum of Care Model, Curtis VanderWaal, Faye Taxman, and Melissa Gurka

No News is Bad News: Methamphetamine Precursor Laws and Youth Amphetamine-Related Outcomes, Curtis VanderWaal, Y. Terry-McElrath, Duane McBride, Jamie. Chriqui, L. Johnston, and P. O'Malley

Submissions from 2007


Does State Certification or Licensure Influence Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program Practices?, Jamie Chriqui, Yvonne Terry-McElrath, Duane C. McBride, S Eidson, and Curtis VanderWaal