Discipleship & Lifespan Education


O ne of the most profound human lifespan needs, especially among youth, is to have a worthy purpose for living. A growing body of research has identified a serious discrepancy between a Christian’s doctrinal and experiential knowledge of God, leading to disengagement from the practice of discipleship. This may be related, in part, to an unfortunate null curriculum rooted in the assumption that believers understand God in such a way that predisposes them to a discipleship lifestyle. This paper suggests that the missing relational context and the discrepancy between doctrinal and experiential knowledge of God may be remedied by an intentional study of a biblical model of divine attachment that combines a positive doctrine about God that inherently supports a positive experience with him.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

https://doi.org/10.32597/jayyam/ vol2/iss1/8



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