Ronald Pickell


T he context of my ministry is LIFE Adventist Church in Berkeley, California, a campus church near the University of California, Berkeley. I also provide leadership direction for Adventist Public Campus Ministry across the North American Division. This paper addresses the ministry challenge and opportunity for our mission forward following the COVID-19 Pandemic. For many churches and mission programs, the COVID-19 Pandemic was a huge interruption of their entire operation. In many ways, for us COVID-19 was more of a disruption rather than a complete interruption of ministry. This paper discusses the factors that contributed to the continuation of our ministry at LIFE Adventist Church, and also for other students attending non-Adventist college and university campuses across North America. It will include suggestions for moving forward at this time. The pandemic has opened numerous opportunities for ministry, including some right in front of us. Ways will be suggested to integrate these opportunities into a new strategic plan for advancing the Kingdom of God in our ministry context in this unique time.


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