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Andrew Von Maur


In the last century, public spaces have been of the most studied elements in urban design as some of the most used and impactful places that shape public life. Unfortunately, the necessity of public spaces for public life is not a focus everywhere. In places that have continuously experienced war and instability over the years, like Burundi, the public realm is often perceived as a source of problems rather than a promoter of the city's well-being. Public spaces are seen as settings that contribute to an increase of insecurities and instabilities in the city. This project seeks to harness the possibility of intentionally redesigning an existing public space using design principles and patterns into a well-designed space that would help promote positive public life in the city. It will consist of assembling a toolbox of design principles and patterns that can be used in the redesigning of Bujumbura's public park "Jardin Public," as one of the underutilized parks in Burundi, with the hope of promoting a peaceful and community-oriented neighborhood in Bujumbura.

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Public spaces--Burundi--Bujumbura; Urban parks--Burundi--Bujumbura; City planning--Burundi--Bujumbura

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