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Honors Thesis


Chemistry & Biochemistry

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Ryan T. Hayes


Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs) are a group of mutagenic and caricinogenic chemicals found in muscle meat after grilling, frying, or broiling. Research studies show that very low amounts of HCAs are created from creatin(in)e reacting with another amino acid at temperatures greater than 200 C. Other studies show that plant-based arginine can substitute for creatin(in)e forming a new class of mutagenic HCAs, but also in low yields. We attempted to develop a direct, higher yielding method of producing these arginine-HCAs based on a procedure previously used to synthesize creatine-HCAs. With greater amounts of arginine-HCAs, chemical characterization and toxicity assessment could be improved.

Subject Area

Heterocyclic compounds., Amines., Carcinogens.

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