Faculty Publications



Books from 2021


My Art Journey, Greg Constantine

Books from 2020

When Famous Artists were Little Kids, Greg Constantine

Submissions from 2019


I Leoni da Tastiera (Keyboard Lions), Greg Constantine and Angelo Flaccavento


Bonjour Brancusi, Gregory Constantine

Submissions from 2018

The Madaba Plains Project Comes of Age: MPP@50, Douglas R. Clark, Lawrence T. Geraty, Larry G. Herr, Øystein LaBianca, Randall W. Younker, Stefanie Elkins-Bates, Jillian Logee, Brain Manley, John McDowell, Kristina Reed, Rhonda Root, Marc G. Ullom, and Sharon Ullom

Davey and Big G, Greg Constantine


Aputure LS C300d vs C120d Review – The Bright Future of LED, Sebastian Woeber


Cartoni Focus 22 Review – A More Affordable Tripod System for Heavy Cameras, Sebastian Woeber

Submissions from 2017

A Model Shrine from Tall Al-'Umayri, Stefanie Elkins-Bates

Submissions from 2016


Calling 3ABN or Voice of Prophecy? AIM Answers., Kimberly Luste Maran


Part of the Circle, David Sherwin and Becky St. Clair

Encounter at the Intersection: Part 1 and Part 2., Rachel Williams-Smith


Faithful Few: Food, Flip Charts, and Fundamentalism., Rachel Williams-Smith

Books from 2014

Born Yesterday: The True Story of a Girl Born in the 20th Century but Raised in the 19th, Rachel Williams-Smith

Submissions from 2005


A Matter of Life and Death, William E. Richardson

Submissions from 1999


Andrews University’s First Lady, Beverly Matiko