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Master of Science


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Biology, MS

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Ralph Scorpio

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John F. Stout

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Patricia Mutch


In partially purified cell-free extracts of rat liver, nonexhaustive, daily exercise results in a 40 to 90% inhibition of FAB by decreasing the catalytic activity of acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase (ACC), the rate-limiting enzyme in the de novo FAB pathway in vitro. ACC inhibitory mechanisms are postulated to include: phosphorylation of ACC and production of a noncompetitive inhibitory substance.

Data obtained after purification of rat liver ACC to homogeneity suggest that decreased ACC activity in exercised rats cannot be attributed to the well-documented control of ACC by reversible phosphorylation, but are more likely due to the presence of a noncompetitive inhibitory substance located in the partially purified cell-free extract of rat liver.

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Fatty acids, Rats--Exercise

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