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Master of Arts


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Religion, MA: Theology

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John T. Baldwin


The purpose of this study is to examine the chronological development of Milian Lauritz Andreasen's final-generation theology and its connection within his treatment of the doctrine of the sanctuary during the years of 1924-1937. The final generation consists of individuals who attain character perfection. They endure the time of trouble. Andreasen declares that because God has reproduced the character of His Son in them perfectly, they possess the attitude whereby they would rather die than sin. The final-generation possesses the Holy Spirit in its fullness after Christ leaves the Most Holy Place. Andreasen is explicit that the Christian victory experience of the finai-generation to triumph in the postprobationary time of trouble is the work of God in them. It was God's self-given task and essential to the plan of salvation that He vindicate Himself before the universe from the accusation of Satan that fallen humanity cannot keep God's law.

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Sanctuary doctrine (Seventh-day Adventists)

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