Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Religion, MA

First Advisor

Gudmundur Olafsson

Second Advisor

Laurence Turner

Third Advisor

Erich Metzing



Daniel chapter 8 appears to contain covenant related thiniking, but few seem to have recognised this possibility. This study was undertaken to explore the possibility for seeing Dan 8 in a covenant context.


The study was a systematic contextual investigation of Dan 8 in the light of the covenant as found in especially Deut 32. Dan 8 was also looked at in the light of the Babylonian exile because it was seen that there were parallels betwen this and the activity of the little horn. I looked at the covenant-curse-reversal aspects found in Deut 32 to see whether these had any relationship to the term nsdq.


It might be possible to see Dan 8 in the light of covenant breach. The positive turn of events which the nsdq in the context of verse 14 represents, may be possible to see in the light of the covenant-curse-reversal aspects of Deut 32.


After the 2300 "evening-morning" there will be an activity of judgement where Yahweh will avenge Himself on His enemies and redeem His people. Atonement will bring about a covenant renewal.

Subject Area

Bible. Daniel 8--Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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