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Previous research has shown that when potential dropouts are actively involved in the school program, the dropout rate is reduced. Co-curricular activities have been found to be the most effective method of getting potential dropouts involved. The problem has been that implementation of co-curricular activities has relied on the subjective value judgment of administrators. This project attempted to develop an objective method for assessing student co-curricular needs and interests.


There were three phases to this project. The first phase was an extensive review of the literature in order to determine factual evidence. The second phase was the development of testing instruments. The third phase was the field testing of the instruments for the purpose of assessing co-curricular needs and interests.


The results are that the patterns described in the Review of Literature were found to be present in the schools tested. The schools were found to be lacking co-curricular programs that interested students defined as potential dropouts.


As a result of this project, the schools tested need to make certain program changes and additions. Co-curricular needs and interests of the students can be objectively assessed and the results used to improve school programs.

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High school students--Recreation; High school dropouts

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