Scriptural Pursuit
Happy Are You, O Israel!

Happy Are You, O Israel!


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Worship, an experience common to most human beings, is the Scriptural Pursuit discussion topic for July, August and September 2011. We worship God, not ourselves; hence, worship must be about Him, about giving glory to Him, and not about music, culture, or worship styles. Worship should be permeated by a sense of reverence and awe for our God, an attitude that will give us the humility and surrender so needed for true worship. Worship affords an opportunity to recognize who God is and to realize who you are in relationship to God. These and many other Biblical concepts of worship will be discussed in a panel moderated by Glenn Russell.

Over the previous weeks we’ve been exploring the meaning of true worship, worship that proceeds from a heart truly dedicated to God and from the desire to learn and do His will. Worship, in the Bible, is serious business. It is not a matter of personal taste, nor is it a matter of doing one’s own thing or following one’s own proclivities. There is always the danger of falling into dead rituals and traditions that become ends in themselves instead of the means to an end—and that end is true worship of the Lord in a way that changes our lives and brings us into conformity with His will and character.

When they followed God’s explicit directions in worship, Israel was rewarded with His presence. Those who substituted their own ways and means for what God required met with grave consequences. This week’s Scriptural Pursuit discussion centers around the lessons we can and should learn from the Israel’s worship experience.

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Happy Are You, O Israel!