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flipped learning, student services, academic advising, online orientation


Developing online student services to provide the level of support expected in traditional higher education can be challenging. This session will explore one private university’s journey through the development of a course to prepare students to maximize their personal growth in the online learning environment. Traditional advising centers on a student meeting with an advisor to discuss questions or concerns about their study experience. Since Bergmann and Sams first experimented with recording their high school science lectures in 2007, discovering how it saved them reteaching time, increased student access to foundational knowledge and freed class time for interactive learning, this technology-mediated instructional strategy has gained ground in many spheres of learning, including academic advising-as-teaching. In our experience, flipping the focus of individual student meetings to relationship-building critical thinking and holistic coaching sessions became possible when essential foundational and procedural learning was provided asynchronously through an online orientation course. Readings, videos, discussions, self-assessments, writing practice and module quizzes engage the learner through nine modules: Introducing Andrews Online; Preparing to Study Online; Planning Academically; Planning Financially; Registering for Classes; Understanding Policies and Procedures; Personal Management; Strengthening Writing and Study Skills; and Grades, Graduating and Vocational Preparation. Academic advisors serve as course instructors, with financial advisors present and facilitating the financial FAQ discussion. While all modules of this course must be completed in the first term registered, ongoing access provides sustained student service support and the opportunity for peer mentoring through the community commons. During this session, the theoretical framework and key concepts in this action research will be reviewed, including our rationale for flipping online student services and coaching relationships, literature reviewed and best practices discovered for academic advising, orientation, and student services in distance education. Touring this work-in-progress will showcase one option for flipping advising, including the journey from conception to implementation, as a means to facilitate discussion of models for innovative and proactive academic advising seamlessly connected with distance student services utilizing the university’s learning management system. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and share their experience in this field in order to leave with actionable ideas for their setting of online, blended, open, and flexible learning.


World Conference on Online Learning

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October 16 –19, 2017

Toronto, Canada

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