Gog and Magog: Who Are They?

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Gog, Magog, Eschatology, Bible, Prophecies, Ezekiel 38-39


Ezekiel 38–39 is a message of hope; it is the Gospel in the midst of judgment about God who will finally destroy all who destroy qualities of life. He is the Sovereign Ruler and in control of history. This prophecy is a good news about God's victory and the victory of His people with Him. Victory is unshakable which does depend on Him, not on us humans! He will accomplish His purposes. He will intervene in human history on behalf of His people at the apocalyptic time of the end. When God's victory will be complete then every kneel will go down before God and acknowledge that His judgments are just (Phil 2:10–11; Rev 15:3–4).


Adventist Theological Society


Spring Symposium 2007; Current Issues in Eschatology

First Department

Old Testament

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