Febe: Fue Ella Una Lider en la Iglesia Primitiva

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Phoebe, Romans 16, Early church, Deacons and deaconesses, Christian leadership


The role of Phoebe in early Christianity has been a subject of debate in the scholastic over the centuries, ranging from points of view suggesting that his ministry was nothing more than that of an assistant (or sponsor) of the apostolic task , of those who attributed to her a significant ministerial role. As we shall see, this debate was often influenced by the biblical translations of the Greek words used by Paul to describe the ministry of this remarkable woman. In this chapter, I will focus on three aspects of Phoebe's ministry that flow from the text of Romans 16: 1-2: his ministry as a diakonos; her role as the bearer of the letter of Romans; and, finally, its role as a prostatis, which literally translates as "the one that stands in front".


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