Making Time for Scholarly Reading and Writing

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Scholarly writing, Time management


"I learned this technique from Ken Badley while attending one of his scholarly writing workshops. After spending most of the morning with us, Ken sent us out for the lunch break with a simple instruction. He told us to choose one of our incomplete writing projects and focus on it for 45 minutes during the 75 minutes we had for lunch. To begin the afternoon session, Ken had each of us report on our 45-minute writing experience. Without exception, each of us was amazed at how much we had accomplished during such a relatively short time. Ken used this experience to try to help us dispel the myth that we always need large blocks of time to accomplish anything related to research and scholarly writing. He then went on to encourage us to include 45-minute writing blocks in our work schedules as often as possible. Ken Badley’s approach of 45-minute blocks can help us address both the issue of inadequate time for scholarly reading and inadequate time for scholarly writing. I encourage you to try this approach. By scheduling 45 minutes per day for scholarly reading and 45 minutes per day for scholarly writing, I am sure you will be amazed at how your productivity can soar. Of course, you may not be able to start with 45 minutes per day for both of these activities. If that is your situation, then try alternating between reading and writing on different days."


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Journal of Research on Christian Education





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