Engagement in Meaningful Activity Mediates the Relationship Between Stressful Life Events and Functional Resilience

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Resilience during stressful life events is a priority for administering the most client-centered care as possible. Occupational therapy practitioners have the unique opportunity to support resilience through promoting meaningful participation. The current study aims to understand the associations between meaningful activity engagement, resilience, and stressful life events. We specifically focused on answering if meaningful participation mediates the relationship between stressful life events and resilience. 492 participants from a non-clinical convenience sample of Amazon’s MTurk completed the study. Participants completed an online survey and reported their experiences of stressful life events, resilience, well-being, and meaningful participation. We used SPSS and PROCESS to analyze our data. Stressful event severity and resilience were inversely related. When accounting for the effect of meaningful participation, the relationship became non-significant, indicating evidence of mediation. Implications: Focusing on measuring meaningful participation may be worth studying in further research.

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OTJR: Occupational Therapy Journal of Research



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