Introduction: The Ethically Engaged University as a Public Good Institution

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Ethical engagement, Ethics, Global South-North, Higher education, Learning, Pedagogy, Values


This book presents a remarkable collection of theoretically and practically grounded chapters from internationally recognized scholars based in the Global North and the Global South who have shared their perspectives on the role of the modern university as an excellent public institution ethically engaged in social transformation. The authors posit that, if discussed from this perspective, an ethically engaging university can uphold a ‘pedagogy of hope’ or an ethical Pedagogy, demonstrating that higher education has not become detached from the ‘lifeworld’ or falling short of exploring issues of politics or morality. Moreover, the authors propose that a defining goal of this fresh outlook should be to develop students who feel empowered to become ethically motivated and civically active individuals, as this will facilitate a generation of learners who are then able to challenge the multiple and increasing ethical dilemmas that impact on people’s development and well-being. This is the first publication dedicated to an ethical analysis of universities’ engagement with the local/global community. This book attempts to create conceptual spaces where, given the limits of Western–Eastern dynamics, learners and educators can work together to realize fresh approaches, interpretations, and productive spaces for social transformation and community engagement applicable to the current era of globalization.

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International and Development Education


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