Applications of the Petra-M simulation code for the magnetospheric physics

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We present applications of the full-wave solver, Petra-M code for Earth magnetospheric plasma wave physics by leveraging the current effort of the radio frequency wave project. Because the Petra-M code uses the modular finite element method (MFEM) library, the boundary shapes, plasma density profiles, and realistic planetary magnetic fields can be easily adapted. In order to incorporate realistic Earth's magnetic field into the Petra-M, we utilize the self-consistent magnetospheric flux models for compressed and stretched magnetic fields and realistic magnetospheric magnetic field geometries extracted from global MHD simulations. Using Petra-M code, we then examine ultra-low frequency (ULF) wave propagations in various magnetic field shapes. For example, left-handed polarized electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves in Earth's dipole and compressed magnetic field are examined to consider waves in the inner and dayside outer magnetospheres, respectively. Mode-converted Alfvén wave propagation is also demonstrated in the compressed (dayside), stretched(nightside), and realistically stretched magnetic field (magnetotail). Therefore, the Petra-M code successfully demonstrates magnetospheric plasma wave propagation despite the spatial scale differences between the fusion devices (~m) and Earth's magnetosphere (103 - 104km).

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