South Pacific Division: Commitment to Adventism and Understanding God

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What is your perception of God? Is He a distant God to you, who seems to make your life difficult? Is He a friend to you, someone who is by your side in good and in bad times? How does this perception effect you and your relationship with God? Are you eager to spend time with Him or is spending time with God the last thing on your mind? Throughout the Bible, we see that our God is a personal God. He desires a close, intimate relationship with all people, but how do people respond to a personal God? And how does this impact their commitment level to Him and to His Church? Have you ever wondered, whether church members around the globe hold the same beliefs as you. In today’s blog, we will examine survey responses from Adventists living in Oceania, down under. We will see how their understanding of a personal God impacted the faith of church members in the South Pacific Division.

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