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Having the ETCBC Hebrew database implemented in Accordance adds a substantial further argument why Accordance is very dedicated to the actual work of the biblical scholar. If you need the most powerful tool for searching not only morphological data but high-quality syntactical and text-grammatical data within the Hebrew Bible, it is now possible with the ETCBC in Accordance. The ETCBC database is well known among Old Testament scholars as it delivers most coherent and consistent data analysis on all levels of grammatical analysis (morphology, phraseology, syntax, text-grammar). Dozens of PhD student, post-doctoral researchers, and million funded research projects are using the ETCBC as their main tool of analysis. This fine database has been produced by the Eep Talstra Centre of Bible and Computing at the Free University of Amsterdam with many international scholars over a period of 30 years. Several of my colleagues and students are now excited to use the ETCBC in Accordance. The ETCBC search capabilities in Accordance are far beyond that what Logos or Bibleworks offer. Congratulations to Accordance for working so well together with the German Bible Society and the ETCBC research group to make this happen!

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