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Excavations in Field C, located roughly in the center of Tall Jalūl, immediately east of the Acropolis, on the western side of the tall, were begun in 1994, focused on the remains of a pillared house, parts of which covered the original four squares (C1-4) of the field. Unfortunately, the western wall of this building was removed, due to stone robbing, not long after the building went out of use. In an effort to locate its southern end, an additional square (C5) was opened to the south, in 1996. Not only was this side of the building found, but two walls of another building were also unearthed. Hence, while the general contours of this pillared house have been known since the late 1990s, with most of it excavated to bedrock1, the intriguing nature of the new building dictated that operations move laterally, to the south, where work in this part of the field concentrated for several more seasons. However, in the decade following the work in the northern part of the field, the elements eroded part of the previously-unexcavated balk, north of the pillared building, exposing several stones that appeared to be part of a wall, and in 2011 the last remaining section of this building, including its northern wall and entrance, were completely uncovered.

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Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan



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