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As part of the 2018 Global Church Member Survey (GCMS), members around the world were asked how often they read the writings of Ellen G. White (Q26.04). Interestingly, only about one in six respondents shared that they read her writings daily or more than once a day, with just under five indicating that they do so several times a week. Slightly more than a quarter (26.3%) read her writings less than once a month, while 20.7% report that they never read the works of Ellen White.

A similar study, conducted in 2013, revealed, similarly, that one in six respondents read her writings daily or more than once a day, but the additional percentage who read her several times a week was two percentage points higher (21%) than in 2018. A quarter (25%) reported reading Ellen White less than once a month and 19% reported that they never do so.

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