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When the publishing work started, at first, James White and the publishing staff had to depend on non-adventist printers to print the paper. Not only was this expensive but it made the publishing work dependent on those who were not invested in the mission. Among other things this meant that the publishers were often working on Sabbath which was a matter of great distress for Sabbath-keeping Adventists. Accordingly, an appeal was made in the Review and Herald on February 17,1852 for funds to purchase a press. The response was generous and donations were made by Hiram Edson and others came to $655.84. The Washington Hand Press pictured above was able to be purchased for $652.93. Soon, the new press was operational and on May 6, 1852 the first issue of the paper was published on an Adventists owned press.

Image Courtesy of the Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.