What is the biblical worldview? How shall we go about understanding the basic concept of the nature of reality that is at the foundation of the biblical message? It is tempting to use one’s own worldview as the framework to understand and apply the message of Scripture. Such an approach determines what Scripture can and cannot say, for whatever its message, it must be congruent with our understanding of reality. We come with our own philosophies, concepts of truth, and definitions of worldviews and of key categories, and use them as the basis for sculpting our understanding of the biblical worldview. Thus, Scripture and the God of Scripture are clay in our hands. We are the potter, and God must conform to the mold of our worldview. This usually takes place without us realizing that we are stuffing God’s Word and God Himself into our box, and thus limiting them to the confines of our own understanding of the world. With such an approach, the Bible does not inform us. Rather our world informs the Bible. The philosophy of our age becomes the foundation for our acceptance and understanding of the Word of God rather than the Word of God being the foundation for our worldview. If we are to receive the message of Scripture, we must begin with what the Bible says about itself, and we must also accept the definitions it gives. We must come to the Bible with humility as a learner rather than as a master to bring it under our control. There are basic biblical concepts, principles, and definitions that are essential to Scripture’s communication of its worldview.

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