About This Journal

A Sense of Mission

The Adventist Theological Society (ATS) is an international, professional, nonprofit organization established as a theological resource for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The Society affirms the Bible and the Bible alone as the foundation of its scholarship and activities.  As students of God’s Word we accept that all Scripture is inspired and that God reveals Himself to those who come to it with humble hearts. We recognize that our view of God’s Word and the centrality of the Gospel in its message are critical to the theological task before us.

The Society  accepts the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as its theological position and adheres to the Church’s voted “Methods of Bible Study” as its hermeneutical position.

The Society’s vision embraces a variety of values and goals:

  • Promoting sound biblical scholarship among Seventh-day Adventist scholars, theologians, teachers, pastors, and Bible students;
  • Exploring Scripture in order to better understand it;
  • Creating a spiritual and intellectual atmosphere for fellowship and dialogue within the Church and offering support and collegiality to students of God’s Word;
  • Upholding the fundamental beliefs and piety of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in education, in church life, and in the completion of its mission;
  • Sponsoring Bible symposia and conventions in various parts of the world, providing opportunities for reading, discussion, and dissemination of scholarly thought;
  • Interacting with Bible scholars and theologians beyond the Seventh-day Adventist community of faith;
  • Publishing theological literature;
  • Being a positive, relevant theological voice in the church and society at large.