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Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, anthropologists, some pastors, and other related professionals tend to go to the other extreme and dismiss the reality of demonic manifestations. They often explain that the Bible narratives of demonic encounters are myths, hence the need to demythologize the Scripture’s claim. Yet it is not possible to deny the historicity of the biblical claims, nor can any objective reader of the Scriptures ignore the existence and influence of demons among people today. In fact, the Bible clearly asserts the reality and existence of demons.

The dividing line between disease and demonic possession is very thin, which poses problems for pastoral and clinical professionals on the where, how, or when they can properly function within their given boundaries without encroaching into one another’s domain. This understanding is particularly relevant in the African context where the supernatural is intrinsically linked to almost every aspect of life and natural occurrences.

Hence, this chapter is based on two assumptions: that disease is real and that demonic possession is real. However, it is vitally important for Christians to know the difference. Therefore, every section of this chapter will serve the purpose of helping the reader develop principles for discerning pathological cases from demonic possessions.





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