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This article offers an example of Adventist ethnic churches in São Paulo. Next, it analyzes the contextualization of worship among those groups. Finally, it explores contextualization possibilities in the face of the growing missionary challenges in these urban contexts of cultural plurality. The data was collected in three ways: (1) exchange of e-mails with current pastors of nine contextual projects; (2) ethnographic observations in two of the contextual projects (the Korean church and the Chinese Adventist community of São Paulo) at the time of an internship in 2020; and (3) bibliographic review.

The analysis and evaluation of the projects was based on the Institute of World Mission’s description of contextualized worship, which includes six aspects: architecture, music, prayer models, teaching initiatives, ways to show reverence, and types of meetings. Four more aspects were also added—language, pastor, objects for rites, and public (former religion), which were considered as equally relevant and important for the research.




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