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"The God of Scripture consistently called faithful youngsters to participate in his redemptive mission on earth. The mission of God is not only carried out by young men and women but also intentionally aims at reaching out to them. Drawing on biblical examples, this article advocates a youth-focused approach to urban ministry whereby young people are both actors and recipients of all activities. Youth participation is beneficial for society because their alienation is a cause of social and political disruption, of gang formation and criminal behavior in many contexts. Youth participation is beneficial for the church because, as reported in Roger Duddley’s 10-year study published in 2000, youth alienation pushes them away out of the church, while their active involvement enhances their retention. The article argues that a youth urban ministry is more likely to succeed if it integrates best practices such as meeting the social and spiritual needs of urban youth, the integration of postmodern values, a focus on social justice, and allowing the youth to belong without restriction."





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