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"Shaw indicates that rather than contextualizing the missionary’s perception of Christianity to make it understandable within the local people’s culture, the missionary should facilitate the people themselves discovering God from within their own cultural context ... In my own mission experience, I have found this approach to be valid and preferable, once there are local believers, and as God begins to develop leaders from among them. At times, cultural dynamics or God’s preparation of an unreached people group allow them to discover God without a great deal of intervention on the missionary’s part. However, in the beginning stages, it is often unavoidable that the missionary must make his or her own best attempt at contextualizing the message of God’s desire and provision to save the people. Once the initial resistance has been removed and the local people have come to a measure of faith and desire to learn, then the missionary can move to the role of guiding and supporting the Spirit-led believers as they themselves discover what God’s Word teaches, and what his truths look like lived out in their own context."





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