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"Much today is known regarding the Great Commission of Christ to the church before his ascension for which every member is called to actively engage in missions until Christ’s Second Coming. The Greek word ethne, translated in English as “nation” is better understood as people groups (Matt 28:19). The challenge and responsibility of the Adventist Church, therefore, is to reach the diverse and numerous people groups proximal and distant, by employing all possible means and methods that God has provided for this task. The assignment undoubtedly may appear daunting, however, it still is “mission possible.” For this goal to be achieved the church, especially its leadership, needs to overcome certain barriers inhibiting effective mission. This paper seeks to highlight a few of those barriers; however, it is not exhaustive in scope due to certain understandable limitations. Its objective is to enlighten and arouse mission leadership concerning obstacles to be overcome in order for more effective mission to be conducted in all respective territories. It seeks to create awareness of the reality of the mission situation, the acknowledgment that there might be barriers occurring within our territories, and engender action plans to rectify the present scenario. Other literature may provide several different perspectives on this subject; however, from the present Adventist standpoint the focus is on five issues I consider crucial at this point in time. The five barriers to effective missions discussed in this paper include knowledge, timidity, identity, spiritual, and logistic barriers."





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