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Striving “Beyond Excellence” is the motto of the University of the Southern Caribbean, and the Forde Library strives to embody such by constantly reviewing and upgrading the resources and services offered to their community. One of the main drivers of such a review process in the past three years has been the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many academic libraries to reimagine their service offerings and access points. The Forde Library was no stranger to this, as the pandemic saw a fundamental shift in the delivery mode of Library orientation using technology and conferencing software. This quantitative study focuses on the Undergraduate Library Orientation Feedback Survey, disseminated for first- and second-year undergraduate students at the University of the Southern Caribbean for the 1st Semester (September) of four academic years spanning 2018 to 2021. These library sessions were done as part of the Academic Writing I course, executed in collaboration with the School of Distance Education and the School of Education and Humanities respectively, all underscoring the critical role that the library can play in a student’s academic journey. Findings revealed that student satisfaction and understanding remained mainly positive from pre-pandemic levels to during the pandemic. Key recommendations called for more significant marketing efforts, training and student-centered learning activities integrated into the virtual orientation.


Institutional Review Board documentation available upon request.





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