Aims & Scope

A Journal of the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians

A peer reviewed journal that includes both research and theoretical articles that address issues common to Adventist libraries and archives.

Aim: The aim is threefold:

  • 1) provide a service to Adventist librarians and archivists who must publish for rank and tenure advancement;
  • 2) provide a forum for research and theory on libraries and archives in the Seventh-day Adventist context;
  • 3) contribute to the professional development of librarians and archivists through enhanced mentoring opportunities.
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    Scope: The following general types of articles are accepted:

    • 1) Research articles. Includes data collection using a formal method, rigorous analysis of the data, and discussion. Data sets must be attached.
    • 2) Essay articles. Treats a theme in conversation with related literature.
    • 3) Review articles. Serves the readership by aggregating and summarizing literature on a specific theme or topic. May include a brief discussion or application.
    • 4) Practice in Context articles. Within a specific setting, defines a challenge/opportunity and describes how that challenge/opportunity was addressed. Discusses outcomes.
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