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This study seeks to assess the user frequency and impact of ICT on the performance of the User Services Division, with specific insight on the Circulation, Reference and Instruction Units of the Forde Library. The impact of ICT was measured using cluster-based sampling given to 340 undergraduate students, with a return rate of 62% - 211 students. The analysis revealed a significant lack of awareness and usage of the ICT offerings. Exceptions to low usage and awareness were the OPAC and the Library’s Website. The main factors that impacted the low awareness and usage were limited marketing, no knowledge of ICT offerings, no need for the offerings and complications experienced while using the offerings. Overall, the benefits of the ICT offerings were not recognized by the sample size and as such, lower scores of relevancy, ease of use and user-friendliness were recorded. Recommendations focused on marketing, training, and interdepartmental collaboration.





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