Master's Theses from 2023


The Correlation Between Perceived Maternal Parenting Style and Perceived Emotion Regulation in Seventh-day Adventists in Southern Brazil, Camila Cardoso Masotti

Master's Theses from 2020

The Relationship Between Socio-Cognitive Environment and Executive Function among Selected American Adults, Rachelle E. Pichot

Master's Theses from 2016


Perceived Stress and Self-efficacy as Correlates of Satisfaction With the Dissertation Process Among Doctoral Students in Educational Psychology in Selected Universities in the United States, Gabriela A. Dumitrescu

Master's Theses from 2015


The Television Viewing, Dating, and Academics of Young Adults, Michael D. Milmine

Master's Theses from 2013


Perceptions of Psychology Among Seminary and Biology Students at Andrews University, Sandro Moraes

Master's Theses from 1988


A Descriptive Study of the Kinetic Family Drawings of Children from Catholic, Lutheran, and Seventh-day Adventist Religious Backgrounds, Anne-Maria J. Monttinen

Master's Theses from 1987


A Comparison of the Television Viewing Habits of Religiously Oriented and Non-Religiously Oriented Children, Hector C. Detres

Master's Theses from 1984


An Investigation of the Relationship Between Learning-style and Temperament of Senior High-school Students in the Bahamas and Jamaica, Owen Anthony Roberts

Master's Theses from 1981


A Critique of Three Psychological Theories of Behavior and the Presuppositions Which Underly Their Model of Man, Marek Jantos