Release Agreement Instructions for Presenters and Strand Leaders

  1. Presenter: download the release agreement and email it to your strand leader.
  2. Strand Leader: Upload the completed agreement as an extra attachment to the presenter’s first session (unmark the show tab).

Keep in Mind:

  • Each presenter must have a release agreement completed before August 17th.
  • If the presenter(s) want to forgo recording, please make the following note in the corresponding session description – Recording not available.

Photo Instructions for Strand Leaders

All presenter photographs MUST be 1 megabyte resolution or higher for web and print capability.

If you are looking for a most recent bio photo of an Andrews’s employee go to Andrews/

Presentation Submission Instructions

  1. Presenter or Stand Leader: Log-in to "My Account"
    a. If you do not have an account you must sign-up for a free be press account and confirm your email before signing-in.
  2. Go to Manage Events
  3. Click on your presentation
  4. Click on "Revise Event" ( located on the left margin)
  5. Scroll to " Full Text of Presentation"
  6. Upload digital files such as PowerPoint, Word Documents, etc.
  7. Click Submit
  8. Click " Event Details" to refresh

Moderator Responsibilities

Strand Leaders will upload Moderator schedule to Digital Commons. Each schedule will be posted on classroom doors.

Thursday & Friday

  • Arrive 45 minutes prior to Session ( Presenters will have to test out microphone and set up presentations)
    * Check that Project Timers are off, if not, Reset Projectors before each presentation
  • Ensure that your Classroom is supplied with:
    • Presenter handouts or supplies
    • Water (for presenter/moderator only)
  • Ensure that the presentation ends five minutes before the stated end time, to allow for the session evaluations to be completed. A facilitator from the Provost's Office will be present to oversee the evaluation process.

Keep the Presentations on Time:

  • Give Presenters -  10min, 5min, and 1min Warnings

Keep in Mind:

  • On-Call IT Support – Phillip Roberts and Don Cole
    •  Contact – 269.471.3490
    • ALC Specialist on duty – Steven Huset
      •  Contact – 269.313.2876
      • Emergencies – Lhorraine London Polite
        •  Contact – 651.587.2416
      • Projector and Light Timers will be disabled for the event - Make sure you turn the lights and projectors off after the last session.