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Download Students Who Inspire Us with Their Use of Social Media--Ivan Ruiz, story by Moses Primo, Jr., photo by Austin Ho (2.3 MB)

Download Maeling Tapp, story by Tiffany Evering, photo by Jean-Ires Michel (954 KB)

Download Skye Tenorio, story by Francisco 'Paco' Ramos, photo by Kiara Hopkins (1.6 MB)

Download Too Stressed to be Blessed? story by Petrice Wideman, photos by Nina Marie Rambo, photo by Ange Batie (4.7 MB)

Download Happy Meals: Delicious Veggie-Packed Recipes, recipes shared by Linda Brinegar (3.2 MB)

Download Irma Henry: Losing my Weight, story by Petrice Wideman, photo by Meagan Thompson (1.1 MB)

Download Skip Your Workout! story by Rachael Odenthal, photo by Emily Low (564 KB)

Download Uncalled For? The Unique Dilemma of Women in the Seminary, story by Melodie Roschman, photo by Ben Steenson, photo by Reuel White (7.3 MB)

Download Active-8: Student Researchers Show Their Style and Substance, interviews by Janelle Collins, photography by Dwayne Campbell, styling by Tiffany Evering, Francisco 'Paco' Ramos, Kerissa Abraham (6.1 MB)

Download From Fear to Eternity, story by Jacina Shultz, photo by Jean-Ires Michel, photo by Dwayne Campbell (11.4 MB)

Download Balancing Act: How a Super-Busy Student Manages His Time, story by Jacina Shultz, photos by Jovan McLean (4.6 MB)

Download Facebook Likes Kendall Hopkins, story by Janelle Collins, photos supplied by Kendall Hopkins (1.4 MB)

Download Don't Follow Your Dreams: How to be Miserable, Waste Time, and Live an Unsatisfying Life, story by Melodie Roschman (84 KB)

Download Get Ready for the World: Student Career Goals (Advertisement) (1.1 MB)

Download Far-Sited: Keeping the Love in a Long-distance Relationship, story by Breana Soliday, photos by Carly Mitzelfelt (3.2 MB)

Download Love and Basketball, story by Stahl Comete, photos by Jenny Shrestha (3.5 MB)

Download Relationship Q & A, answers provided by the following first-year doctoral students in the Counseling Psychology PhD program: Melina Sample, Donalea McIntyre, and Angie Horner (288 KB)

Download 9 Best Christian Apps, story by Ashleigh Burtnett, photo credit (600 KB)

Download Making Cents: Good Money Habits, story by Moses Primo, Jr., photo by Joshua Martin (1.2 MB)

Download Creative Ways to Pay for College, story by Britany Swart, photo by Alfred Burgess (717 KB)

Download Status Update: "In a Relationship with God", story by Moises Ruiz (157 KB)

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Fall 2013


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