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Doctor of Philosophy


Higher Education Administration PhD

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David S. Penner

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Jimmy Kijai

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David A. Faehner



There has been a concern by educational leaders of the Adventist church in the Asia Pacific Division that a number of parents of Seventh-day Adventist students choose to educate their children in non-Adventist primary and secondary schools. This study sought to determine if this concern is prevalent in Adventist colleges in Southeast Asia. To find answers to this concern the following questions were posed.

1. What methods do these colleges use to promote or recruit SDA students?

2. How do these colleges attract SDA students?

3. What special programs are in place in the colleges to retain SDA students?

Marketing higher education has been effective in some colleges and universities in the United States. It may be of some value for Seventh-day Adventist colleges in Southeast Asia to learn from the conclusions of this study. Marketing concepts discussed here could help other SDA educational institutions in their attempts to promote, attract, and retain SDA students..


Two instruments were utilized for data collection: (1) a set of structured questions to interview selected administrative staff on their marketing strategies, and (2) a survey questionnaire that required the responses of undergraduate students regarding the marketing strategies o f their college. Both the interview questions and the survey questionnaire cover three marketing strategies—promotion or recruitment, attraction, and retention of Adventist students in the colleges. Responses from the staff and students were analyzed.


The following are the findings of this study:

1. In all the four selected colleges in Southeast Asia some marketing activities had been carried out but they are less sophisticated or systematized than those found in the United States of America.

2. The large number of students in countries in Southeast Asia who want to attend college suggests why marketing is not more sophisticated than those found in the United States.

3. There are similarities and differences in the way the colleges promote, attract or retain SDA students.


Seventh-day Adventists create a common “culture” among different peoples in the region and thus marketing techniques to promote or recruit, attract and retain SDA students tend to be similar. Reproduced

Subject Area

Seventh-day Adventist universities and colleges--Southeast Asia, College students--Southeast Asia--Recruiting.


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