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Doctor of Education


Higher Education Administration EdD

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Bernard M. Lall

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Charles C. Crider

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Edward A. Streeter


Problem. The purpose of this study was to develop a model for organizing, administering, and providing physical facilities for instructional media centers for institutions of teacher education in Iran. The major problem is that the institutions for teacher education in Iran currently do not have guidelines for management of instructional media centers. However, it is a recognized fact that in order to provide quality training for teachers of tomorrow such provisions must be made.

Procedure. This is a descriptive study covering the philosophy, the role, major administrative structures, and needed personnel for institutional media centers in Iran's educational institutions. In order to obtain necessary data for this study, current related literature was reviewed to ascertain the newest trends and most promising practices in development and administration of the media centers. A number of instructional media centers were visited and necessary information, schematic diagrams, organizational charts, sketches of work areas, lists of materials and equipment were secured from directors of these centers. Based on this information, the study was organized and the tentative design was developed to provide a model for instructional media centers for teacher education in Iran.

Conclusions. After careful analysis of the data gathered, the following conclusions were reached by the researcher:

  1. The philosophy o f the proposed instructional media centers for teacher education in Iran should provide variety of services to students and teachers.
  2. The instructional media centers should be considered mainly as a service facility with the major goal being that of supporting the diverse needs of the instructional programs, and thereby providing for the needs, abilities , and interests of all concerned within the institution.
  3. The proposed model would provide a framework through which some of the inadequacies of the present system of teacher education may be ameliorated.
  4. The instructional media centers should centralize the location of procurement and control of all materials to their maximum use without unnecessary duplication.
  5. The selection of qualified personnel, development of organizational structure and following proven management techniques would help the institutions for teacher education in Iran to develop an efficient instructional media program.
  6. The functions, qualifications and proper job descriptions of the instructional media director should be clearly defined for effective and efficient operation.
  7. Further research should be undertaken on means and methods of providing opportunities for training of instructional media directors to organize and manage instructional media centers in schools in Iran at all levels.

Recommendations. On the basis of the literature research and careful analysis of the materials presented, the following recommendations are presented for consideration:

1. The institutions for teacher education in Iran should provide an instructional media center on each campus, with a media program of highest caliber representing a combination of human and material resources.

2. Based on the functions of media centers, the following organizational structures should be developed:

  • a. An institutional instructional media committee, established for policy formation, central coordinating, and administration of facilities and programs.
  • b. A departmental instructional media committee, established for the outlining and implementation of the media programs within each department of the institutions.
  • c. A centralized organizational pattern, established to serve as the guidelines for these media centers.

3. Adequate physical facilities and sufficient equipment should be provided to carry out both the present programs and all future needs.

4. The instructional media center should provide a core collection of materials and associated equipment needed to insure adequate support of the media program. The primary criteria for selection of the equipment and materials should be the value of the content relative to the needs of the users.

5. A proposed time line of events should be followed in order to maximize the implementation of the program.

Subject Area

Instructional materials centers.


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