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Doctor of Education


Higher Education Administration EdD

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Edward A. Streeter

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Jimmy Kijai

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Jerome Thayer


Problem. Considering the rapid expansion of educational institutions in the Austral Union of Seventh-day Adventists and the lack of a job description for principals, there is a need for more research in the area of the principal's role.

Method. This was a descriptive survey research. A 71-item questionnaire created by Robert Kalangi in 1975 and modified by the researcher was used in this study. The population was all of the principals and teachers of the12 day- and boarding-academies in the Austral Union. The data were analyzed using percentages, means, and standard deviations. Comparisons were made using t tests and $\chi\sp2$ at.05 level.

Findings. Seven of the eleven categories were considered as functions that the principal should perform. The other four categories were considered neutral.

Forty-six of the 71 items were perceived as tasks that the principals should perform. Nineteen items were considered neutral, and only 1 was considered as a task that the principal should definitely not engage in.

Most of the categories in the Managerial Dimension had a high rating as tasks to be performed by the principal. Principal and Guidance/Discipline had the highest rating by both principals and teachers. Principal and Curriculum/Instruction had a lower rating than what appears in the literature.

Other specific tasks which are related to teacher expertise or to activities outside of the school were not perceived as tasks that the principal should perform.

It was found that educators favor an advisory committee helping the principal in decision-making.

Conclusions. The ideal principal should create a secure school environment, giving priority to the tasks in the Managerial Dimension, especially Guidance/Discipline.

The ideal principal should help teachers reach their goals through effective supervision.

He/she should engage only in tasks directly related to the school.

The principal should seek more participation in decision-making, especially from the teachers with more experience and commitment to the school.

Subject Area

High school principals--South America