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Doctor of Philosophy


College of Education and International Services


Leadership PhD

First Advisor

William H. Green

Second Advisor

Donna J. Habenicht

Third Advisor

Paul S. Brantley



The topic under study in this paper was the application of Gregorc's mind styles concepts in two baccalaureate and two post-baccalaureate physical therapy programs.


The purpose was to determine how these concepts were used while addressing the teaching and learning theory competency of the accreditation standards.


I examined intra- and extra-classroom activities, noting how information on styles was given and/or modeled to the students. Gregorc's Energic Model of Styles formed the basis for style determination. The research design was multiple-case study (embedded). Accreditation documents, curriculum file materials, handout materials, and videotaped classroom sessions were interpreted to determine how the teachers' and students' style needs were met. The students and teachers completed the Gregorc Style Delineator Research Instrument.


Including intra- and extra-classroom activities, all four programs addressed the needs and abilities of all four mind styles of Gregorc's model. Within the classroom, three of the four programs addressed the four mind styles, and the remaining program addressed three of the four mind styles. Abilities of each of the four mind styles were addressed during the teaching and learning theory unit or course in the four physical therapy programs studied. It must be borne in mind that these findings are based on only four physical therapy programs when interpreting the results of this research.

Subject Area

Physical therapy--Study and teaching


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