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Doctor of Education


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Shirley A. Freed


Problem. Adolescence is a time fraught with many challenges. There are no current studies prior to this one for Adventist academy students concerning the whole range of their personal problems.

Method. A survey of students in 14 Adventist academies was conducted in the regular classroom setting using the Personal Problems Checklist for Adolescents (PPC-A). The data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Data were tested with one-way, two-way, and, three-way ANOVA and correlation coefficients to determine differences between males and females, age groups 13/14 to 18/19, and in three different settings of day, boarding, and self-supporting Adventist academies.

Results. Among the top 10 problems of Adventist academy students were: "poor study habits," "worry about future job or college," "not enough money," "not enough exercise," "tired and having no energy," "no time to relax," "poor sleeping habits," "bored in school," "having trouble concentrating," "and being shy." There were differences found among the three types of academies and between male and female students and among age groups. Self-supporting academies had more frequent problems reported; females reported an average of eight more problems than males and the tendency was for problems to increase by age, with 18-year-olds experiencing greater problems. All 13 scales of problems on the PPC-A were significantly correlated. Highest correlations were between emotions and social, emotions and parent, emotions and school, emotions and health, emotions and religion, and emotions and crisis problems.

Conclusions. Adventist academy students are in need of intervention, particularly for emotional problems and lack of balance between physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of their education. Many students are experiencing crisis and are in need of help to know how to cope better with critical life events they are facing.

Subject Area

High school students--United States--Mental health services


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