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Doctor of Philosophy


Higher Education Administration PhD

First Advisor

Edward A. Streeter

Second Advisor

Wilfred W. Liske

Third Advisor

Selma A. Chaij


Problem. Investigations of predictors of student teaching success have yielded contradictory results in general. Besides, reports of such investigations could not be located, as related to Seventh-day Adventist colleges. There seemed to be a need for a study of predictors of student teaching success in Seventh-day Adventist colleges.

Method. The purpose of the study was to look at selected factors and determine whether or not they are related to student teaching success. Four hundred and fifty students who had completed their student teaching experience between Fall quarter 1977 and Spring quarter 1983 were involved in the study. Data were collected from their student files at four selected Seventh-day Adventist colleges. The data were analyzed, using multiple regression computer programs.

Conclusions. (A) Eight of the thirty-one predictor variables used in this study were correlated significantly with the criterion measure and it seemed that each one of them could predict student teaching success, singly. (B) Each of the seven categories of predictor variables was significantly correlated with the criterion measure. They appear as reliable predictors of student teaching success. (C) The best combination of variables for the prediction of student success consists of the following: (1) Efficiency in giving feedback to pupils; (2) Motivation as a teacher; (3) Ability to transfer religious beliefs into teaching; (4) Knowledge of subject matter; (5) Ability to establish a class climate conducive to learning; (6) Ability to find out individual pupils' needs and to attend to those needs; (7) Presentation of materials and information; (8) Relationship of student teachers to colleagues; (9) Organization and planning of lessons; (10) Ability to establish and maintain discipline.

Recommendations. It is recommended: (1) That the predictor variables that were significantly correlated with the criterion be given due emphasis in the preparation of student teachers. (2) That, in the training of teachers, special emphasis be given to the category "Teaching Skills and Competencies," from which five of the ten variables inthe best subset were selected. (3) That representatives of Seventh-day Adventist colleges work together to develop a common set of criteria for the preparation and evaluation of student teachers. This will facilitate data collection for the replication ofthis study.

Subject Area

Student teaching, Teachers--Training of


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