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Doctor of Philosophy


Higher Education Administration PhD

First Advisor

Edward A. Streeter

Second Advisor

William W. Davidson

Third Advisor

David S. Penner


Problem. Few recognize the potential between campus beautification and the enrichment of the institutional programs or the responsibility role of stewardship for school lands. Often, campus beautification has not been considered an important item in capital outlay.

Method. The study utilized the descriptive method. Literature was reviewed to gather concepts related to campus beautification that could be applied to SDA academies and colleges. Ideas were gathered from personal contacts with chairs of other institutions in the area of landscape architecture and from the fifty states that had published guidelines for campus beautification. On the basis of the ideas and information gathered, guidelines for campus beautification with special reference to SDA academies and colleges in North America were developed. SDA principals of academies and presidents of colleges were asked to place a value judgement on each item. The guidelines were sent to a panel of judges for validation.

Conclusions. Major conclusions drawn as a result of information and experience gained during the course of the study were: (1) There is a need for guidelines for campus beautification especially in SDA academies and colleges in North America. (2) There is a relationship between campus beautification and the education process. (3) The design, planning, and development of campus beautification is a complicated process which needs the input from several sources. (4) Campus beautification can be achieved within a limited budget by carefully planning the project in phases.

Recommendations. Based upon the findings of this study, the following recommendations are presented for consideration. (1) The guidelines developed in this study should be adapted to meet the specific needs of each campus. (2) Short training seminars should be developed to prepare educators and others concerned with campus beautification for educational institutions. (3) The campus beautification guidelines developed in this study should be field tested by those committees planning to build a campus or those wanting to further develop a current campus. (4) In planning for campus beautification, a budget should be implemented and maintained.

Subject Area

Campus planning, Landscape architecture, Seventh-day Adventist universities and colleges


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