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Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Higher Education Administration EdD

First Advisor

Bernard M. Lall

Second Advisor

Edward A. Streeter

Third Advisor

Fonda Chaffee


Problem. Manpower Planning is a part of the administrative process of an organization. The Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists operates a program in higher education through eight institutions which serves the countries of the Division. This educational program is not equipped with a planning process that will provide the professional manpower for these institutions as they grow and expand their current offering of programs. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to describe the availability of the professional manpower at these institutions and suggest a manpower planning process to be incorporated in the administrative function of these institutions.

Method. The study utilized the descriptive method of research. The literature was reviewed to gather information related to the techniques of manpower planning. The data were collected by reviewing all available information on the institutions involved in the study such as master plans and self studies and the annual statistical reports of the General Conference. Additional information was gathered by the utilization of a professional manpower inventory form mailed to the institutions involved in the study.

Conclusions. The major conclusions drawn from the information and experience gained as a result of this study are: (1) A manpower planning process will aid in providing stability and quality to the higher education program in the Inter-American Division. (2) The Inter-American Division has the potential to expand its educational program based on the youth population that builds its constituency. (3) New programs must be included so that graduates may explore the job market outside the denominational structure.

Recommendations. The following recommendations are presented: (1) A uniform system of self-evaluation and progress reports should be implemented. (2) A manpower planning process should be implemented at the local level of each institution. (3) An effective institutional research program should be implemented at each institution. (4) A manpower file that would include all the professional manpower available should be created. (5) A coordinated educational program between the more developed institutions and the less developed ones should be established. (6) An effort must be made to develop an awareness among the administrators of the institutions of theimportance of accurate reports regarding the operation of the institutions.

Subject Area

Manpower planning, Seventh-day Adventist universities and colleges--Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists


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