Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


College of Education and International Services


Leadership PhD

First Advisor

Erich Baumgartner

Second Advisor

Jay Brand

Third Advisor

Paul Kim


The global media industry has undergone a tremendous change and massive upheaval during the last two decades. On the one side, media consumption has changed immensely and on the other side, media convergence appeared, a phenomenon which describes the merge of different media production genres (print, TV, radio, digital).

Using a qualitative collective case study approach, this study was able to explore and depict competencies needed by journalists for coping with media convergence in the Swiss German media industry. The requirements for convergent work are the following seven competency themes: technical skills, social and emotional skills, cognitive skills, writing and linguistic skills, publishing and production skills, innovation and creativity, and leadership and management.

This report also gives an overview of the most effective strategies to develop these competency themes and provides a competency development model. A competency specific mixture of learning methods, according to the blended learning approach, is suggested to lead to the best results in gaining media convergence excellence.

Subject Area

Mass media--Switzerland, German-speaking; Journalists--Switzerland, German-speaking; Editors--Switzerland, German-speaking; Core competencies


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