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Doctor of Philosophy


College of Education and International Services


Educational Psychology, Ph.D.

First Advisor

Elvin Gabriel

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Jimmy Kijai

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Mandy Morrill-Richards



The literature suggests that the perpetration of sibling violence and peer bullying behaviors present multifaceted concerns for both families and society. Furthermore, there are differences in how the perpetration of peer bullying and sibling violence behaviors have been emphasized in the United States. However, research examining how these experiences may be related is limited.


A survey was used to collect data on lifetime reports of sibling abuse and peer bullying perpetration behaviors from a sample of 252 adults. A total of six variables were measured using an altered version of the Conflict Tactics Scale.


Using partial least squares structural equation modeling, a significant relationship was found between lifetime reports of sibling abuse perpetration behaviors from the general population and their peer bullying perpetration behaviors. Reports of perpetrating physical sibling abuse, perpetrating sexual sibling abuse, and perpetrating psychological sibling abuse were significantly associated with reports of perpetrating physical peer bullying, perpetrating sexual peer bullying, and perpetrating psychological peer bullying.


Perpetration behaviors of sibling abuse and peer bullying impact a substantial number of both individuals and families. These findings may present a better understanding of the processes and relationships between familial and extra-familial abuse, potentially offering new and effective means of not only identifying and treating abuse by siblings and peers, but also to recognize behaviors that may prevent such abuse. Additionally, with gender as a potential mediating factor, educators and counseling therapists should frame and focus their research and clinical services of family and interpersonal violence in a manner that is inclusive of each contributing dynamic.

Subject Area

Sibling abuse; Bullying; Peer pressure; Violence--Research